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How does a photo shoot ?

After a first phone appointment, skype or FaceTime with you to identify your needs and expectations, I will be there to help you by giving you little advices, whether it is for the make-up, the hairstyle, the accessories, and the different outfits. This will allow us to save time on the D-day and thus spend more time in shooting.

When you arrive at the studio, we will go through the different outfits, to see in which order we will proceed, as this can also influence the hairstyle, etc…

We will make several series of photos for each outfit and for each change of light. The change of light will bring a different look to the photo. So you will have the choice when selecting the photos.

Because each session is different and each person is different, we will take the time to make sure that the result is up to your expectations. The first step will be to make the portraits, because during the portraits you are not obliged to take a posture, nor to smile. I start this way in order to put you at ease in front of the camera, I like to call it “the relaxation and confidence building phase”.

Then according to your desires we will make different postures which will allow us to take pictures on the same level. We will play on the posture and the attitude to bring out a feeling, an emotion through the photo.

During the session, you will see the photos live and at the end of the session we will review the photos for you to make your selection. A few days after developing the photos (light, cropping, skin ….) you will find all your photos on private gallery for you and your friends and I will deliver the photos in high resolution. (a smash transfer file will be sent to your email).

We can of course develop your photos from 10×15 to A1 format, make prints on boards. Many supports are available.


The photo session is 70€ (pregnancy, child, teenager, adult, family).
The duration of the session is about 45min to 1h.

For family photos: for more than 6 people, 30€ per additional person will be charged.

Prices include:

The session
The selection
Photo retouching (light, cropping, tint, skin tone, etc…)
The delivery of the photos within 7 working days following the session.
A private online gallery
Delivery of the photos in HD free of charge.
As an option, I offer you the services of an artist make-up and a hair-stylist but also the possibility to make prints on paper.