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Professional photographer specialized in weddings in Aix en Provence, Marseille Var, Alpes de haute Provence and Hautes Alpes, I cover weddings by adopting a mode of photo report in order to tell the complete story of your wedding.

I often tend to say: Enjoy your big day! It goes by so fast…. ENJOY IT!

All the services and formulas of JDSPHOTO wedding photographer have been thought with the sole aim of giving you the best but also to cover all your requests.

A wedding always starts with the meeting with the future bride and groom. It allows me to get to know you and your loved ones, to get to know some of the facts of the day and your loved ones.

Then there is “your BIG day”, because every wedding brings different joys, laughter and smiles, no two photos are alike. The personality of each groom means that each photo will have a different story. So let me tell your story!

I attend the preparations of the Bride and if possible the Groom as well. Then I follow you throughout the day. Depending on your wishes, I will stay either until the cocktail party starts or until the cake is set up.

I like to say that photography serves to make what lasts only a moment eternal!

After you’re married, there’s the post-production part. And to finish, you will have your private gallery to see and review the photos, the delivery of the photos in a USB box and the delivery of your personalized Graphistudio book in person.

For me, the photographer’s role begins before the wedding and ends long after the wedding.

In order to meet all your expectations, I propose your wedding in 3 steps: Engagement, Wedding and Trash the Dress/ After day. Each step is pleasant to do and allows to give different and memorable pictures.

Don’t hesitate to come and meet me, we will find together the formula that best suits your expectations and needs.

(services start from 1090€).

Wedding Photographer & family in  Aix en Provence & Marseille PACA

Fulfill your requirements! Julien DS – JDSPHOTO, wedding photographer in Aix-en-Provence Marseille, will pamper you in order to be able to transcribe your emotions and transmit them to your future generations.


I propose to you to make a photo session outside before the wedding or in studio. What’s the interest? First of all to have a good time and to engrave this pivotal moment of your life as a couple. But also to get used to the lens for the D-day. It will also allow us to create a bond of trust, which will be a huge advantage for your wedding day. You will gain confidence in yourself by seeing the results of the photos. And it’s probably the first time that you will take pictures as a couple taken by a professional, it’s a great souvenir.

JDSPHOTO photographe de mariage et portraitiste


JDSPHOTO photographe de mariage et portraitiste

I will be with you from the preparations of the bride and groom until the beginning of the cocktail party or until the end of the night depending on your wishes and needs.
I am particularly fond of the bride and groom’s preparations because it is for me an intimate moment, full of expressions and scenes that must be immortalized. Pictures of the dress, the costumes, the jewellery, without forgetting the last pictures with the witnesses before the big moment, etc…
Of course, photo shoots of couples, groups, ceremonies, cocktails and the evening if you wish. All these moments must be taken in pictures. In order to be able to relive them again and start your photographic heritage.


Trash the dress, means “mess up the dress” but I consider this moment more like the closing of this wonderful moment. It allows you to iron the dress one last time in a simple and stress-free way.

We will choose together a place that suits you and is close to your heart.

Whether it is literally a trash the dress, or a photo shoot after the wedding, it will simply be different. No stress, no timing. Just fun.

Take the boat, sunrise, offbeat photos and finish with champagne! This session must be unforgettable….

JDSPHOTO photographe de mariage et portraitiste
JDSPHOTO photographe de mariage et portraitiste

I propose you to go to the other side of the world and make this special moment unforgettable. Proposals, weddings, anniversaries, I’ll be with you.

Having travelled a lot, I will be happy to combine my two passions to make you the best.

Whether it is for a session for two in a place dear to both of you, a wedding or a trash the dress session. I’ll be with you as long as there’s a story to tell.