Kids & Teens Photoshoot

Portrait photographer and family Aix, Marseille Bouches du Rhône 13

Var 83, Alpes de Haute Provence 04, Hautes Alpes 05

Taking a picture of our children is not always an easy thing to do. Every parent has tried it.

Don’t panic, we will take our time for the result to be up to your expectations. The cuddly toys can be part of the party.

Teenagers ah!! Teenagers, it’s even more complicated than with the little ones. Comparing themselves to their idol, they want to do the same thing. So why not give them that feeling. Why not be a star for a couple of hours. Whether it is for a discovery of the shooting in the studio or a confirmation or even a book.

We’ll put them in the best possible mood, make-up, hate stylist, music to the core to have a great time.

During this photo session in studio, the make-up artist will reveal her secrets and they will be able to benefit from a professional make-up with advice and tips. It will be the same with the hairstyle. The hairstyle has a significant importance, depending on your look, your shapes, the hairdresser will propose several solutions.