Lay Ceremony
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Lay Ceremony

A Lay Ceremony, YES BUT WHY? The main motivation for a secular ceremony is the will to express your commitment to the other, a ceremony that is non-religious and that will be in your image because you will be the writers and actors.

It can enable your loved ones to participate in your Union in a concrete way. Having known you for many years, they have seen you grow and develop as a couple. They will be the most apt to relate facts and anecdotes, so emotion will be part of the experience.

The ceremony at the Town Hall focuses mainly on your rights and duties as Spouses and the officialization with the State.

The lay ceremony is the symbolic and personalized celebration of the union between two people who love each other and who have chosen to share their lives, without any religious or administrative notion. It is the modern expression of marriage, that of the 21st century, which gives concrete expression to this commitment in front of the guests! It has no legal value and, for this reason, it takes place as a complement to the civil ceremony.

Many brides and grooms organise their secular ceremony in the open air, in a field, but many other places are possible, why not a ceremony in a Mas or a barn or better on a boat in the open sea.

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